United Voices in the Barthkapel in Den Haag ! A lovely moment in which I felt a lot of connection with myself and with others. Thank you Sumaya Femke and fellow-participants to create this.

Today I still feel the positive power of our vibrations.

Lieve Sluyts

From Belgium

United Voices

Imagine… a beautiful space full of people.
All expressing their unique voice.
Being part of a collective Field.

Connecting with ourselves and with the other
Creating waves of Light Energy.

Imagine that You are in that group of people.
Connected with yourself,
Feeling part of something bigger.
Every sound contributing to the whole
Dancing through the space
Creating magical Golden Stardust
Enchanting everyone present there.

Imagine feeling… as One.

United Voices is a workshop of an Art Form in which you can discover/experience the magic and healing powers of your own voice AND the amplified effect it has, when you sound in a big group of people.

Through several exercises you will be guided into your body, connecting with your unique sounds and then express them, together with the other participants.

This is a soundhealing experience. NOT (!) a workshop voice-expression in which you can freely make all the sounds you like. Listening to and aligning with the sounds of others to create a supporting collective field is important and Sumaya Femke will guide you in that.

> feel nourished with deep connection; with yourself and others.
> be reminded of the Love that you are
> let go of stress, blocking believes or blockages in your body
> gain clarity about your desires and needs
> feel peace, relaxation, warmth, acceptance, trust, gratitude, love
> get out of your mind, into your body
> feel grounded, connected with Mother Earth
> free yourself from believes of not singing good enough
> feel happy and inspired
> energized, vibrant and fully alive
> meet new and familiar people
> remember the gift of Life

The Human Voice is a beautiful and very powerful healingtool which often is not recognized as such. I invite you to join me and discover the richness and depth of the Human Voice. Of your voice!
You don’t need to have ever done anything like this before.
Just come as you are.