Almost daily I’m being confronted with a deep dark part of me in my depression. When I wanted to shine some light on that while being blindfolded Sumaya Femke was there with her music. Her guidance and presence brought movement and power in my body when I needed it. She was there with me and I did not have to face it alone.

Thank you sweet Sumaya Femke

Nick de Kok

Circling facilitator from The Netherlands

Sumaya Femke! Thank you. My deep desire for a long time is to sound my voice, to experience the power of expression and it’s fruits. In talking, in giving my opinion, in sharing my wisdom, in singing, writing, performing.
In my head I am Beyoncé on Stage. In daily life I stumble upon physical blockages when I want to express myself. In only a few sessions you gave me tools to stand up in my own authority.

What I mostly take with me from your guidance is the importance of GIVING SPACE. You let me welcome emotions and voices which I already pushed aside because of my own judgements. You did not only show me but also let me feel deep inside that expression = lifeforce = the right to exist. That there is no such thing as good or bad but everthing is YOU and that alone has the right to exist. My head knew these things. My body has experienced this in your guidance. Your guidance is soft, encouraging, deeply felt and accepting. Thank you!

Other Femke

From Belgium

Sumaya brought her beautiful voice to one of the rituals I am organising and performed live while the ritual was going. She brought a beautiful presence and special detail to my event and I loved having her there! Highly recommended to work with her ❤️

Arja Hendrikx

Tantrateacher The Netherlands/ Thailand

Sumaya has a beautiful, sometimes otherworldly voice, and an intuitive and deeply heartful musical expression, that keeps gently pulling me into this present moment, and then this, and then this… Highly recommended.

Rupert James Alison

Art of Consent Teacher from the UK

Sumaya Femke is a gifted healer and coach in a way that is integrated into herself as a woman and as a compassionate and caring human being.  She has a deep acceptance of others and a special ability to come alongside someone she is supporting with that sense.  In that way you are not alone when you work with Sumaya in any way.  As well as her care, she has a way of bringing lightness and fun and laughter is never far away. In this way, she points to joy in the world and helps to open pathways of happiness for us to walk along. 

Her connection with sound and music is an natural part of who she is and in meeting Sumaya Femke you will meet a naturalness that you cannot help but feel at home with.  I am very happy to recommend Sumaya Femke from personal experience.

Grace Walker

From the UK

It was very nice to make sounds with my voice during the voice healing session!
Really quick I felt comfortable. That alone was an achievement from Sumaya Femke because I arrived pretty restless. What I really liked was that she works very intuitive. Constantly she did the right thing so I could relax and let my voice be heared! After the session I left with relaxation and energy. Thank you Sumaya Femke!

Ronald Snel

Hospitality & event manager from The Netherlands

Sumaya Femke is an open channel for what wants to come through… and something came threw… wauw… For me personally it felt as if my gypsy ancestors where channeled and my spiritguide, and Indiangirl, was present again.
My bodycells were vibrating with heat and I felt inspired to sound, sing and play the guitar again. Thank you dear Sumaya Femke ❤️

Amber Zillig

Women’s Soul Coach from The Netherlands

Sumaya Femke is ‘connecting sound’. She is so tuned in to what she does and the vibration of her sound moves you to the deepest part of your Soul. I wish for you Sumaya Femke that you can touch many people with your connecting sound. And that many people can connect with their sound with your guidance.

Davinia Heuft-Wesdorp

Sexcoach for women from The Netherlands

 Sumaya Femke is one magic singer who I’ve had the chance to hear a few times already. Her simple and sincere magic touches to the very core. Her ability to feel the moment’s vibe and improvise into it is an experience not be missed. 

Kai Gregori

Translator from Luxemburg

After this session with Sumaya Femke I feel a lot of softness. Very close to myself, my self-love and close to the sensations in my body. Embodied.
To work with Sumaya Femke is a blessing. She instantly makes me feel I am ok. I feel safe with her. This helps me to dive deep in my own process, knowing and trusting she holds the space. Then when I do feel uncomfortable in session, she holds space for that. I just love that! To me that’s a huge gift she has to give; being comfortable with discomfort, with the unknown. Voice work is very powerfull. Sumaya’s guidance is firm and pure. I’ll definitly work with her again, there is so much more to discover.

Susanne Kiemel

Yogateacher and womb healing coach from the Netherlands

I love your presence, earthness and love – so strongly presented through your voice.

Tove Elin Berg

Photographer from Norway

United Voices in the Barthkapel in Den Haag ! A lovely moment in which I felt a lot of connection with myself and with others. Thank you Sumaya Femke and fellow-participants to create this. Today I still feel the positive power of our vibrations.

Lieve Sluyts

From Belgium

When I heard Sumaya singing it was at a Tantric Ceremony at Pyramid Center in Ko Phangan / Thailand. At first I could not believe that her voice was not in the recording of the background music that was played. 
Her voice simply sounded perfectly integrated into the music so that her extraordinary ability to tune into emotion and sound in general became obvious to me. Later when we did a singing session together I got more of a taste of her benevolent voice that’s full and firm, inducing feelings of well being.

Medja Maik Müsseler

Musician and Producer from Germany

The warmth and calmness Sumaya Femke radiates is very pleasant to experience with a voice healing session. She invites you to be who you are and you are allowed to sound everything with your voice. During the session I noticed how my body surrendered more and more to the sounds which I was making. An experience worthwhile.

Lisa Knibbeler

Yogateacher from the Netherlands

I know what a blessing your voice can be… once you where singing for me… and i can tell you that it gave a heavenly feeling… so go on please!

Ludo Lieckens

International Recruitment Expert and Kirtanleader from Belgium

In 2011 I met Sumaya Femke during The Soundhealer Training Course of Michele Averard and Nestor Kornblum of Harmonic Sounds, the International Association of Sound Therapy. Since then we have been following each other’s soundhealing and music projects.

As a singer Sumaya Femke shows how musicality and the healing power of sound can go hand in hand. Her voice and sound can be vulnerable, yet powerful, raw and soft at the same time. Her open way of singing in connection with everything that is, is also an inspiration in the workshops she offers to help people to liberate their own voice.

Patricia Van Cutsem

Singer, natural voice singing coach and soundhealer from Belgium

Sumaya Femke directly touched me when we first met. Her purity, transparance, self-knowledge and creativity inspire me a lot. She has amazed me with her workshop selfexpression. I was feeling rushed and in resistance when I arrived and went back home with a big smile, relaxed shoulders and completely “being in the NOW’. What a connection with myself and the group of women. I call this a small miracle.

Loes Berkhout

Trainer non violent communication from the Netherlands

The sound healing session with Sumaya was just stunning!
I had lots of stuff in my mind, many changes occurring, so I arrived at Sumaya’s place with some heavy energy in me.
Lying down in the hammock Sumaya started to sing and play the shrutibox. The sound of the instrument and her voice brought me at a deeper layer of my essence where I could let go of everything that was in my mind.

I went to a deep state of trance and relaxation. All the sounds and the voice where like coming from ancient deep wisdom that can not be described with words. You have to feel it to understand what I mean.
I left her place with a deep sense of peace, rest and joy.

Thank you so much for this nourishing of my soul, Sumaya! I will be back for more.
From my heart.”

Ana Branco

Health Care Professional from Portugal / The Netherlands

The “Hammock Soundhealing” session I had with Sumaya Femke was amazing. I travelled through space and time. Felt so many emotions, it was an emotional rollercoaster ride and certainly shook loose stuck trauma.

It helped me start the process of transforming and healing these. I knew I had some childhood trauma but it became so clear I so to speak could catch a hold of it to consciously let it go. Since I’m much more in touch with my feelings and can just let them be without cramping up trying so hard to get rid of them. I’m much more relaxed and present.


from The Netherlands

Hi Sumaya Femke,
I have met you personally a couple of times and you touch me. Why? Because you just want to be yourself. You have the courage to search, to find and to be. With your openness you can inspire people to be themselves. In their vulnerability, their fear, their joy, everything is ok. Good luck to you beautiful woman with the message you want to carry out. Let’s sound to that!

Carry Geukens

from the Netherlands

Sumaya Femke shares her compassion with her heart. She dares to search, to find, to fail, and go beyond. She has a remarkable ability for purity, transparency, self-knowledge, and creativity. She gives her full potential for emotionally relevant work. If you want to experience support, take the next step, go to Sumaya Femke, and feel a deep acceptance with a natural flow. She is one of the purest coaches I know. 

Coen Tuerlings

Online Businesscoach from the Netherlands